Middle School Information

Always check your child’s back pack!

All information given to us will be posted here, but we do not know everything! Please do not rely solely on this site for information. Know about something that is missing and want to share? Email Debby Wattenbarger

Not sure what zone you are in? Enter your address and find out. (I encourage you to do this if you live out of zone, your home district may not be what you think.)

District 15 has a “choice program” for middle school – it does not have zoned middle schools.

Questions about the Middle School process, applications, tours or schools?  Email Debby Wattenbarger, Parent Coordinator, or visit her in the school Monday-Friday.

Parents are encouraged to get as much advance information as possible about the schools that they think might be a good fit for their child, both inside and outside of District 15. One way is to sign up for school tours (as early as possible). Another is to go to Middle School Fairs and the Middle School Forum, which are held each Fall. Some good online resources are: 
NYC School Help

4th Grade Information on Preparing for Middle School is available here. 4th Grade Families, please note, tours are for 5th grade students only. Open Houses & Middle School Fairs are open to all.

5th Grade Information on the Middle School Process is available here.

OnGoing Updates:

  • New District 15 Blind Ranking process: BLIND RANKING LETTER-2016
  • RFT’s for Mark Twain are due in October.
  • Click here for the Department of Education Middle School page: Middle School
  • Middle School Directory: District 15
  • Middle School Fair for District 15: October 17th at MS 88 from 5:00pm - 7:30pm
  • Parent to Parent Panel: TBA

Here are some middle school websites you may be interested in:

Reminder when going on tours, you need to notify your teacher and you MUST bring in the appropriate documentation provided by the middle schools after attending a tour. More information here: Lateness Excused

MS 447 (Math & Science Exploratory School)
Parent Coordinator: Amy Sirot – asirot@ms447brooklyn.org
Admissions: http://ms447.org/about-us/admissions/

Tour sign-up is available online at https://ms88.org/ 
If you have any questions, please contact the school directly at 718-788-4482.

Open Houses only.  Scroll down their home page to sign up for open houses: https://sites.google.com/k051.org/home/home
Contact Parent Coordinator Julia Castro at jcastro10@schools.nyc.gov for more information.

Carroll Gardens School for Innovation
Parent Coordinator: Gina Keller  parentcoordinator@ms442.org
Scroll down their home page to sign up for the open house here: https://www.ms442.org/

MS 443 (New Voices)
Register for Tours & the Open House by calling the Parent Coordinator: Enid Parra
Telephone:718-965-0390 ext 4106

MS448 (Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies)
Sign up for MS 448 tours here

MS 821 http://www.sunsetparkprep.com/
Sunset Park Prep
Parent Coordinator: Evelyn Diaz, Edeliz@schools.nyc.gov

Check out their calendar and contact the school directly for more information: 718-686-2730

School for International Studies http://k497.org/
School tours are open here: Tours & Open Houses
Contact the school at: (718) 330-9390

Park Slope Collegiate
Click here for admissions information: https://www.parkslopecollegiate.org/admissions

Mark Twain https://ny18000436.schoolwires.net/Page/1
Open Houses scheduled for October 5th & October 10th. Please check the web site for details. Remember to be patient with the crowds.

I.C.E http://www.iceschoolnyc.org/
Please check out their admissions criteria and register for tours on-line through the above site under ICE Admissions.

Check out the admissions to Middle School page here: https://nestmk12.net/admissions/middle-grade-admissions/

Live in District 20? IS 187 (Christa McAuliffe)

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School*
Contact: mflores@brooklynprospect.org

Brooklyn Urban Garden School (BUGS)*: 
Apply on line: http://www.bugsbrooklyn.org/applying-to-bugs/

*Students must apply on-line directly and are chosen by lottery for these Charter Schools.