School Leadership Team / SLT

Parents, teachers and administrators work together on School Leadership Teams (SLTs) to make important decisions about their schools. The SLT is a school steering committee that identifies and discusses issues such as curriculum, school procedures and policies, and future growth. It is composed of the principal, the PTA president, a UFT representative, elected parents and teachers who meet monthly. Meetings are open to all.

2018-2019 SLT members:

Mandatory Members: Principal: Jason Foreman UFT Rep: Eva Giamboi PTA President: Nicole Brier
Staff: Eva Giamboi (UFT Rep), Erika Hammond, Rosemary Graham, Leila Rached, Laura Varriale, Joanne Moore, Dawn Capua
Parents: Geoff DeBery (year 2), Roberto Herrera (year 2), Jesse Farrell (year 2), Jackie Delamatre (year 1), Gretchen Aguiar (year 1), Lisa Tazartes (year 1)

To reach the parents of the SLT with any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please write to

2017-2018 Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP):

The CEP is a "living document." While we will maintain the same goals year-long, we will adjust the plan to reflect what has been accomplished. Take a look at our 2017-2018 CEP.

SLT Meeting schedule: 2018-2019

9/4/18 @4:30pm
The SLT will meet monthly at PS154 on TUESDAYS at 4:30pm. 2018-2019 schedule to be determined at the initial September 4, 2018 meeting.

2017-2018 Minutes

9/26/17, 10/16/17, 11/14/17, 12/11/17, 1/16/18, 2/12/18, 3/20/18, 4/16/18, 5/15/18, 5/21/18, 6/4/18

2016-2017 Minutes

9/27/1610/24/16; 12/19/16; 1/24/17; 2/27/17; 3/28/17; 4/25/17

Download the SLT Bylaws

Have questions or comments about what is discussed at SLT?

Please feel free to reach out to the SLT at