Your child will be called up to the lunch line by table if they want school lunch. PS 154 chooses the “K-8 Alternative Menu” for healthier options. Look for it on the list here: Lunch Menus

Lunch is free

Lunch is FREE for all students! Please make sure to complete this form each year to keep school lunch free in NYC: Lunch Application


We are asking each grade to commit to 1 – 2 months spending time helping our children in the lunch room. We strongly encourage you to volunteer for a day or more, assisting the aides in our cafeteria. For all parents who are regular lunchroom volunteers, you will still be welcome during the months that don’t correspond with your child’s grade as well.

We have three lunch periods: 11:05- 11:55 (Kindergarten & 4th grade); 12:00 – 12:50 (1st & 2nd); 12:55 – 1:45 (3rd & 5th).  We ask that you volunteer for all three lunches, or stay as long as you can to help as many grades as possible.



September: Kindergarten
October: Kindergarten & 5th grade
November: 1st grade
December: 1st grade
January: 2nd grade & 4th grade

February: 2nd grade
March: 3rd grade
April: 4th grade
May: 3rd grade
June: 5th grade

Why help?

We need volunteers to keep the lunch room organized and fun for our children as they have down time from their studies. The success of your child’s education can be found in the many aspects of their school day. This includes their lunch time. In order for our children to enjoy every part of their day at PS 154, we need dedicated people EACH DAY to help in the lunch room. This is also a great opportunity to get to know the wonderful children and families in our school.


In order to volunteer, please read and sign the volunteer agreement. You are required to sign and return the Expectations for Volunteers form before serving as a lunchroom volunteer.  Please return it to me, Debby Wattenbarger (email). Once I receive your signed agreement, I will forward you the calendar so you can sign up for your assigned grade month.