2017 Field Day TShirts

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2017 Field Day TShirts


YOU CAN STILL PAY FOR SHIRTS, but we had to place the order, so you won't be able to choose a specific size for your child. But your contribution is greatly appreciated so please follow through with your "order"!


The PTA is ordering new t-shirts for ALL students and staff to be worn on Field Day, May 26. They represent our official debut as The Windsor Terrace Raccoons! As you may know, our kids voted for our furry pal to represent PS 154.

The $10 per child covers the cost of your child’s shirt, subsidizes shirts for staff, and funds families unable to pay. Every child gets a shirt. If you pay online, the cost is $10.50 to cover CC fees. If we have extra money after these costs are covered, this amount will go into the PTA account that funds enrichment programs and staff development. However, we want you to know that this is NOT intended as a fundraiser.

Printed in the USA on Next Level 100% Cotton T Shirts

Shirts will be delivered to kids in class.

QUESTIONS: meg@loveandvictory.com

If you are ordering multiple shirts, please add to the cart one at a time so that we get the details for all of your children! Thank you!

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