Helping Kids Manage Their Feelings with Kimochis®


Helping Kids Manage Their Feelings with Kimochis®


A workshop for parents and caregivers presented by the Social Emotional Experience Committee (SEE) of the PTA of PS 154.

Thurs, March 29, 7 - 8:30 pm in the PS 154 MMR
$10 per person

Thank you for understanding that this event is for adults only. Open to the community. Appropriate for families with kids age 3-12.


Feelings fuel behaviors. When kids aren’t skilled at managing their big feelings, their behaviors can be annoying or even hurtful. Research shows that kids who can handle their emotions and “bounce back” from upsetting moments do far better in school and in life.

Teach your kids the ABCs of emotions — a valuable, life-long skill most of us never learned from our parents or teachers. In this workshop you will learn seven simple tools that help your child manage upset feelings positively and help you and your child feel more connected.

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