COMMUNITY BOARD 7 - BIKE LANE VOTE (Transportation Committee)
JUNE 19 @ 6:30pm
In the MMR at PS 154

Mark your calendars. Our Community Board 7 will meet at PS154 for a presentation by the DOT on the proposed bike lanes for 10th & 11th Aves.  Following the presentation and comments from the public, the committee will vote to approve the bike lanes – which will then go to a vote by the full committee 2 days later on Wednesday, June 21st.

Last fall, more than 500 of you signed a petition to encourage the DOT to enact traffic calming measures.  This bike lane proposal is a direct result of activism by our school community for the safety of our children.  However, the bike lane still requires a vote from our local community board.  If you happen to live on 10th Ave or 11th Ave, your voice will be particularly important to the committee.  

As bike lanes remain unpopular with some people in our district, we expect to hear strong opposition.  But there is good news for all!  Here's what the bike lanes will bring to Windsor Terrace:

1. We will not lose a single parking space on either avenue.  In fact we will gain up to 19 spaces as the DOT will add parking on the bridge.

2. Bike lanes will narrow the avenues, which will reduce speeding and accidents.

3. Bike lanes will improve safety and accessibility for all bikers, big and small.

4. The project implementation is quick and painless to the community.

5. This project has the full support of both Council Member Brad Lander and Assembly Member Robert Carroll.

We hope to see you on the 19th! Questions or ideas? Please contact Anne Lanier