What’s the difference between extended day and enrichment clubs?
Extended day runs every day from 2:40 - 6:00pm (or 6:30pm with an added late pick up option) from the first week of school to the last. Registration opens in the summer before school begins and then occurs on an on-going basis throughout the school year as space permits. Extended day registration carries over from month to month so families do not to re-enroll for extended day. Enrichment club sessions take place three times per year (fall, winter, and spring) and run between 6 and 12 weeks, depending on the calendar. Families must register for clubs for each session—in other words, enrollment in the clubs does not carry over from session to session.

Can my child do both Extended day and Enrichment clubs?
Yes! Your child can sign up for extended day plus a club on the same day. Or you can mix and match–some days can be Extended Day only, others can be one or two Enrichment Clubs without Extended Day. It’s totally up to you. There’s no minimum or maximum of Extended Day or Enrichment Clubs you can sign up for.

Can I change the days my child attends the extended day program?
Yes. Extended Day services are billed monthly. If you need to increase, decrease, or change the days your child joins us for Extended Day, you may do so at the beginning of any month as long as there is space available to accommodate your needs. Please email Susan with any Extended Day change requests.

Do Extended Day students receive a discount on Enrichment Clubs prices?
Yes, depending on the number of days you enroll for Extended Day, you may receive a discount on enrichment clubs. Please check out our Extended Day page for details.

When will my club discounts be applied to my bill? 
Unfortunately our online system, Jack Rabbit, cannot calculate the club discounts applied to families who have an Extended Day package. If you choose to pay your clubs in full at registration, your discounts will be applied to your October Extended Day bill. If you don’t pay for your clubs during the registration period, we will add the adjusted fees to your first bill after Enrichment Club registration.

What’s pre-registration?
For the winter and spring sessions, families who are registered for 4 or 5 days of Extended Day care may pre-register for one club of their child’s choice in the week prior to general registration by emailing their club choice to Susan Dominguez. Please note: Lottery clubs are excluded from pre-registration.

What is priority registration?
For the winter and spring sessions, the After School staff may prioritize registration in popular clubs for children who have been wait listed for one or or more sessions.

When is extended day registration?
Extended day registration opens in August via JackRabbit and then happens on an on-going basis depending on space and availability in each grade. To inquire about extended day for your child, please email Susan Dominguez.

When is club registration?

Club registration happens three times per year. Dates are announced on the After School Overview page, on the After School calendar, and via email blasts from the PTA.

What is late registration?
Each club registration period has a close date that will give us time to create our class lists and staff our classrooms appropriately. Late registration opens once our lists are done and will remain open until clubs are full. NOTE: There will be a $25 late registration fee added to all clubs during the late registration period.

Do you offer scholarships for the Extended Day program?
Yes, scholarships are available. Details are at the bottom of the Extended Day page. Questions? Please contact Barbara McGouran.

What time is Extended Day pick up?
Regular Extended Day ends at 6:00pm. For an additional fee, you may register for Late Pick Up which ends promptly at 6:30pm. 

What time do Enrichment Clubs take place?
Most enrichment clubs run on two sessions each day:
Session 1: 3:00 – 4:15pm
Session 2: 4:30 – 5:45 pm
Some clubs have different end times which are noted in the enrichment club catalog.

What does my child do between school dismissal and first session club?
Children have a supervised snack and bathroom break between the end of the school and the start of first session clubs. Kindergarten children are picked up in their classroom by the After School staff and stay together as a group in the cafeteria until they are picked up by their club instructors. 1st - 5th grade students spend their break time either in the cafeteria, MMR, or school yard. Each club has a designated space. The After School staff posts signs and helps children navigate so they know exactly where to go. Club instructors pick up the children in the club and take them to their club classrooms 5 minutes before clubs begin.

If we sign up for a session 1 (3:00-4:15pm) Enrichment Club but not for Extended Day, do I have to pick up my child from school at 2:40 and wait with them until their club starts?
No, session 1 enrichment club students will be dismissed by their teachers to the MMR where they will enjoy a snack and 20-minute indoor/outdoor recess with our extended day students. Then, at 3:00 their club instructors will gather students for their clubs. Session 1 clubs will be dismissed in front of the school promptly at 4:15 pm unless otherwise noted.

What if we sign up for a session 2 enrichment club? Do I have to pick up my child from school at 2:40?
Yes. If your child is signed up only for a session 2 (4:30-5:45pm) enrichment club, you must pick up your child from school at dismissal and then return to school for the 4:30 club start time. If you’d like care for your child from 2:40 – 4:30, you may sign up for Extended Day as well. Then your child would join the Extended Day students for snack, recess, and homework help before attending the session 2 club. Session 2 clubs are dismissed in front of the school at 5:45pm (unless otherwise noted.) Imagine—they come home with homework complete and a fun club over and done!

Can I sign my child up for two enrichment clubs in one day?
Absolutely! Students who participate in both a Session 1 and Session 2 club on the same day will join the Extended Day students for snack & recess then attend their clubs—no extended day needed.

Where are Enrichment Club students dismissed?
All students who participate only in enrichment clubs (and do not stay for extended day) are dismissed by their club instructors outside in front of the school. Session 1 dismissal is at 4:15pm unless otherwise noted in the club catalog and in JackRabbit; session 2 dismissal is at 5:45pm–unless otherwise noted. Extended day students may be signed out in the MMR anytime between 2:40 – 6:00 pm (late pick up is available until 6:30 pm.)

Do you hold make ups dates for missed clubs?
No. Beginning Fall 2019, the After School will no longer hold dates for make up clubs. This will allow us to start and end all clubs during the same week and to have a shorter gap between club sessions. If clubs are cancelled due to school closings (such as a snow day), no make up class will be held. If the After School must cancel a club (e.g. due to last minute instructor illness) children will be absorbed into our extended day groups and no make up class will be held. No refunds or credits will be issued for cancelled clubs.

Why aren’t there more clubs on Monday and Tuesday?
Due to the DOE teacher contract, teachers must have access to their classrooms from 2:40-4:30pm on Mondays for staff development and planning meetings and on Tuesdays for parent meetings, which leaves us with very little space to offer all our awesome clubs. If you need care for your child on Monday or Tuesday and don’t see a club, please consider our Extended Day program! We offer a short recess & snack, homework help grouped by grade, and programmed and unprogrammed indoor/outdoor play after 4:30.

Why aren’t their more Session 1 options for Kindergarteners?
If your child is in Kindergarten, please check out our WONDERFUL extended day program for K kids which includes many activities! To accommodate that program, we schedule some of our clubs that include Kindergarteners in session 1 and some in session 2 so that K kids in our extended day program have clubs to choose from after 4:30.

Do you offer private music lessons?
Yes! We have several excellent professional musicians who offer 30-minute private music lessons on a variety of instruments (piano, brass, woodwinds, percussion, and rock band instruments.) For details, please visit our Private Music Lesson page.

What if my child is put on a wait list?
For some clubs we can open additional spots if we reach a pre-determined number of wait-listed students (e.g. we can add an additional coach to many of sports clubs once we have 5 additional students.) If you are on a wait-list for one of these classes, we will let you know via email if additional spots open up.

Other clubs with only one instructor are capped in order to maintain the optimum teacher/student ratio (e.g. Jewelry Making with Ms. Annette.) In that case, students on the wait list will be able to join the club only if another student drops the class.

How do I register?
All enrichment club registration takes place through JackRabbit. The link will be available via the After School web page. Lottery Club registration happens first, then other clubs. Some clubs fill up fast so don’t delay if your child has a strong interest.

Can I get a refund if my child does not like a club?
If you drop a club before the session begins, you will not be charged for that club. Once clubs have started, we do not offer refunds. If your child chooses to withdraw from a club in the first two weeks, we we will credit your After School account for clubs not attended. In other words, if your child attends the first club then chooses not to continue, you would be charged for 1 day of club fee and credited for the rest of the session. After week two we do not offer any club credits.

Is there a fee to change my child’s schedule?
Each family is allowed one change to each child’s schedule for free. After that, there is a $25 change fee for any additional changes made.

What can I expect from Homework Help during Extended Day?
We provide a quiet environment in which students can complete their homework. If a student is having trouble understanding their assignment they can ask the teacher for assistance. Family members should check over homework at home to make sure it is complete and correct. If you would like extra assistance for homework help, please register your child for private tutoring.

Does the After School still offer one-on-one tutoring?
Yes! We have a growing staff of private tutors who offer half hour and 45-minute, one-on-one private tutoring for PS 154 students. Please visit our Private Tutoring page for more information or email Heather Swain ( for availability.


For questions about Extended Day, please contact Barbara McGouran.

For questions about Enrichment Clubs, please contact Heather Swain.

For questions about billing, please contact Susan Dominguez.

Or call the After School office 718-768-0057 x 1034 after 2:00pm on school days.