Discipline is the ongoing process of helping children develop inner controls while assuming responsibility for their actions. We accomplish this by:

  • setting clear and understandable rules & limits for all children including:

    • we use our words, not our bodies, to solve problems

    • we do not exclude children

    • we do not use hurtful language

    • we can ask adults for help

  • encouraging children to resolve their own conflicts using appropriate language

  • providing support for conflict resolution

  • consistently enforcing appropriate consequences when necessary


To that end, the PS 154 After School follows the Caring Community Code:

  • We treat each other with kindness and respect

  • We are careful with each others’ bodies and feelings

  • We ask for help when we’re not sure what to do

  • We take good care of our school and everything in it

  • We are honest and fair and always try to do our best


Children are expected to:

  • Respect the rules and limits set by the staff

  • Use appropriate language to communicate concerns to peers, staff, and instructors

  • Engage in conflict resolution


Parents are responsible for:

  • Reiterating After School rules and limits

  • Participating in developing behavior plans for children when necessary

  • Bringing any concerns or complaints concerning their child’s care or participation in our program to the attention of the program director


As a Staff We Will:

  • Engage children in meaningful activity to prevent problems from occurring in the first place

  • Maintain realistic behavior expectations

  • Clearly communicate rules to children

  • Listen to children who are distressed

  • Encourage children to participate in problem-solving and conflict resolution

  • Remove children from a situation in which they are not able to calmly and safely resolve conflict

  • Provide logical and natural consequences for children's actions

  • Involve parents when necessary

  • Handle parent concerns promptly and confidentially

When a child behaves in a way that merits disciplinary action, the following steps will be taken in the order in which they are listed below:

  1. Give a verbal reminder of appropriate behavior.

  2. Give the child a time out from the group activity.

  3. Ask Program Director to speak with the child outside of the class/ group.

  4. Director will listen to the child/children and attempt to resolve issues in order for the child/children to re‐join the group.

  5. Director will provide an oral report at pick‐up (or phone call) of inappropriate behavior if necessary.

  6. If the child is involved in a particularly egregious disciplinary situation or the director is involved a second time for the same disciplinary issue, the parent will receive an email or phone call and possibly asked to meet. Consequences may include removal from an activity for the rest of the day, writing a 4-Square apology, and/or a missing club session the following week.

  7. If a child’s actions require further consequences, s/he may be suspended from one day of After School activities.

  8. If the behavior continues, a child may be suspended for one week of After School activities.

  9. If the child’s behavior is consistently disruptive, disrespectful or otherwise inappropriate, parents will be asked to immediately find alternative care for their child and they will be dismissed from the program without a refund.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s behavior while s/he is in the after school program, please do not hesitate to contact us.