Prospect Park Enrichment

Last week, we started a collaboration with Brooklyn Nature Days. Our first graders ventured to the Nethermead in Prospect Park to explore and investigate.  The sun was hiding and the weather was damp and chilly, but the children were all smiles as the BND crew led the group in an educational and fun filled morning. The children had an opportunity to take their current science curriculum and apply it in the field by searching and digging for plants (leaves, dandelions, and mountains of onion grass), animals (worms, grubs, and slugs) and other natural materials (rocks, sticks, and mud) while also exploring light and sound.  They ran, explored, and were eager to get their hands dirty and their minds going. They worked together, filled their buckets, shared their findings, and asked important questions.  Big thank you to Regina C. for connecting us with BND!