Arrival Reminders & Lunch Info

Thank you all for helping to smoothly transition into the new school year.  It’s been wonderful to have all our students back in the school.  Here are just a few reminders about arrival to help us all:

  • It is important for the safety of all that parents/families drop off your child(ren) without entering the building.   Mr. Havlik and other staff will be in and around the cafeteria to help with saying good-bye. 
  • If you need to speak with your child’s teacher or drop something off, you must sign in with the security agent and proceed to the main office.
  • The Windsor Place school yard entrance is open from 8:10am until 8:18am for upper grade students.
  • The Sherman Street school yard entrance is open from 7:40am (for breakfast) and closes promptly at 8:20am. Students arriving into the building after 8:20am will be marked late and must enter through the main entrance on 11th  Main Entrance opens at 8:20am.
  • Arrival & Dismissal remains the same rain or shine: 2:30pm for K students; 2:40pm for 1st – 5th grades

Lunch Info

Lunch is served every day.  Students are sent by table to the lunch window if they would like school lunch. A bill is sent home at the end of each month. You can send in a check made out to PS 154 in an envelope marked School Lunch.  You can also manage your bills on line by registering (we are listed as PS 154 The Magnet School for Science & Technology) for an account here: My School Bucks

You can find the menu here: September Lunch Menu  Please be advised, our kitchen chef, Jen, informed me that our “well” needs to be repaired, so some of the menu items might be different as it is getting fixed.  In addition, for this Friday, School Foods was not able to send us Pizza so no Pizza Friday this week.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

For even more information about Volunteering in the lunch room please click here.