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We need hands to make our events happen, and they're hugely important in raising the money we need to support our programs. If you want to volunteer, go to our events page and volunteer for a specific event or contact Jess Wright.


Help us out. What can you give? Who do you know?

PS 154 auctions, held during our annual Winter Fair and our Spring Gala event, help our school flourish. We raise thousands of dollars for our school through the generosity of parents, local businesses and New York City institutions. Restaurant gift certificates, store gift certificates, vacation rentals, backstage passes, private tours, sports tickets, memberships, birthday parties, camps, art, signed books, first edition LPs, exquisite jewelry, holiday gift items, designer goods, kids’ and baby wear, all make great contributions to our auction. Heck — maybe you can even auction off the family dog. Just kidding.

We need YOUR help to make our auctions great. Please consider donating an item or experience. Ask a friend, too. Or please pass a name or idea along to Karen Sarraga by email or by using the form below, and we can get in touch.

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Have some ideas about what you can donate or help procure? We're all ears!


Please consider joining a committee. Each of our committees makes a vital contribution to our school. If you click on the name of each chairperson, you can contact them via email to be included in that committee. All committees welcome new members!


Chaired by Abby Palanca and Shannon Tam

This recently-created committee will begin with a research mission to collect information about diversity and education at PS154, and then also to reach out to other schools to discover best practices. Read more about this committee.

Auction Committee

Chaired by Karen Sarraga, Chair of Auctions and Sponsorships
This committee works in the months leading up to our PS154 Winter Fair (December 3) and PS154 Rafflemania events to solicit auction and raffle items from families at the school, local businesses, as well as national businesses. This committee work can be done via a computer over email, and there are also roles that involve walking around and speaking with (friendly!) local businesses.

Fundraising Committee

Chaired by Geina Keller, Chair of Fundraising
This committee works to ensure the continued success of existing efforts for the Annual Fund, the Generations Campaign, Grants, Sponsorship and Free Money. The committee will also consider and make recommendations to modify existing fundraising efforts and to consider new fundraising opportunities.

Event Planning Committee

Chaired by Jess Wright, Chair of Events
This committee will work together to guide the efforts of sub-committees to plan and execute events that raise funds for PTA enrichment programs and help build a spirit of community at PS 154. Help out with food, crafts, raffles, auctions, and more. The committee will recommend a calendar of events for the school year and work with the Membership Coordinator to recruit and organize volunteers to participate in the events.

Enrichment Programs Committee

Chaired by Carlyn Kolker, Chair of Programs
The committee will work together and with the parent body to identify enriching experiences, such as assemblies, author visits, and in-class programs, that the membership would like to add to the educational experience of students at PS 154.

After School Committee

Chaired by Amy Gleeson, Chair of After School
The committee will work together to establish curriculum and policy for the after school program.

Communications and Marketing Committee

Chaired by Meg Moorhouse, Chair of Communications and Marketing
The committee will work with board members, events and program planners to produce print and electronic material for dissemination to the PS 154 community. One committee member will be in charge of updating the website as needed. The committee will also manage our PS154 School Store.

Fifth Grade Graduation Committee

Chaired by Allison Eisen-Kiener
The committee will work with the 5th grade parents and school administration and faculty to identify the activities related to 5th grade graduation, plan and execute those activities and work within the PTA framework to establish a budget for 5th grade activities and execute the plans within the budget.

Movie Night Committee

Chaired by Virginia Maries and Samantha Liskow
Help choose the movie for our three movie nights, and assist with food service. Movie nights take place three times each winter, in the early evening hours at our school. We need ticket takers, food servers, an MC, shoppers, and more to make these fun community events happen.

Garden Committee

Chaired by Rhonda Ebbeson
Help care for our beautiful school garden, and lead projects in your child’s classroom around planting, harvesting, and eating fresh vegetables.

Committee to Support Students With Special Needs

Chaired by Nicole Brier
Advocate for children with special needs by supporting them, their parents, and their teachers within the school community. Suggest PTA programming that helps students with special needs and benefits all children. No special skills are needed on your part—just a willingness to learn about children’s needs and speak up for them.

Social Emotional Learning, a.k.a. “SEL” Committee

Chaired by Jane Bliss Birk and Anne Lanier
The Social Emotional Experience, aka “SEE,” Committee is a sub-committee of the School Leadership Team, comprised of both parents and P.S. 154 staff. The purpose of this committee is to communicate about the social-emotional needs of the school community as a whole, and to encourage initiatives that support social-emotional learning in our children. Members can be actively involved in discussions and initiatives or simply stay informed through our Google Group.

The SEE committee uses the following definition of social emotional learning: “Social Emotional Learning is intended to teach children specific social-emotional skills like self-awareness, self-management, empathy, perspective taking and cooperation. In short, these are lessons of emotional intelligence.


ChairedChaired by Jessica Olshen
The Sustainability Committee will work to support environmental responsibility and sustainability within the school campus and community.