Committee to Support Students With Special Needs

Advocate for children with special needs by supporting them, their parents, and their teachers within the school community. Often programming that helps students with special needs benefits all children. No special skills are needed on your part—just a willingness to learn about children’s needs and speak up for them.

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Committee to Support Students with Special Needs hosts Principal Foreman

Thurs, Oct 25, 6:30pm in the MMR

Principal Foreman will discuss:

  • P S 154 Support Services

  • Evaluations - how to get them and what happens

  • At-risk intervention services

  • IEPs vs 504s

  • How to read and interpret an IEP


Parents, these are resources to utilize in familiarizing yourself with learning differences and what support is available for your child.

Past events


MON, SEPT 18, 2017
6:45 - 8:15 PM IN THE MMR

Learn how to speak up for your child with a disability. Become your child’s best advocate and get them the support and services they need in any situation, including in school, in the community, and with healthcare. This event has been organized by the Committee for Students With Special Needs — all parents are invited whether their children are typically developing or have special needs. Learn essential elements of advocacy parents need to resolve disagreements in any system, including entitlements, business, medical or education. Presentation by IncludeNYC.

This is especially relevant because of new legislation just signed by Governor Cuomo, which will instruct the State Department of Education to develop a guidance memorandum for schools, consistent with federal requirements, and inform schools that they may include the names of specific learning disorders, such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia in IEPs.


FEB 27, 6:30-8 PM IN THE MMR

In this parenting talk, co-presented by the Committee to Support Students with Special Needs and the Social and Emotional Experience Committee, our guest speaker will share her expertise on this topic: What is mindfulness training and how can it help my child?

By learning and practicing mindfulness, our children can calm down, reduce impulsiveness, identify their feelings, improve attention, improve body awareness and generally feel better.

Presenter Jane Weedon, P.T.M.S., BFA, MFA, will explain and demonstrate how her unique approach to mindfulness training can help your child and you be healthier and happier.