Teacher Grants


Teacher Grants

While most children come to school with supplies paid for by their parents, thanks to parent contributions, we are able to provide additional supply money for teachers. Each classroom teacher receives $570 to buy materials, and each cluster teacher, who sees every student in the school, receives $1500 for supplies. Curricula, technology, project supplies and more are bought by the PTA to support our teachers and students.

Science Fund

The science fund pays for special science experiences for our students, including the trout-raising program. Students in every grade help raise trout in our Science room, and the fourth graders take a special field trip to release trout in a stream.

Principal's Discretionary Fund

We have dedicated $13,000 of our PTA budget for our principal's discretionary fund. For the past few years, we have used this money to pay for professional development for our teachers that our school would otherwise be unable to afford.