PS154 Raffle for Teacher and Staff Experiences

Is there anything more special to a child than a one on one experience with one of the most idolized and respected adults in their lives? Students can buy raffle tickets to win an experience of their choice with teachers and administrators at P.S. 154!  

Send in tickets with $5 for each ticket submitted (or you can buy 5 tickets for $20!).  All line items on ticket submissions should be filled out in legible handwriting.  Tickets and cash should be sent in a sealed envelope in your child's backpack.

Winners will be drawn at the Winter Fair and announced via email.


1.    Fishing with Principal Havlik
You and a friend will join Mr. Havlik for after-school fishing in Prospect Park Lake. All fishing equipment provided.

2.    A Lesson with Assistant Principal Buckley
Pick your discipline—juggling, guitar, bass, or ukulele —and Mr. Buckley will give you a one-hour lesson of your choice.

3.    Aviator Sports with Ms. Moore
Spend Saturday afternoon with PE teacher Ms. Moore. Enjoy Aviator Sports together:  ice skating, rock climbing, video game room, Maxflight, Sky Jump, and a final cool down! Save time for lunch. Parent transportation of the child is required to and from Aviator Sports.

4.    Visit The Painted Pot with Ms. Sheehan and Ms. Witkowski
Enjoy an afternoon at local ceramics painting studio The Painted Pot with kindergarten teachers Ms. Witkowski and Ms. Sheehan.

5.    Pizza Lunch with Mrs. Ussery and Ms. Luo
Join 2st-grade teachers Mrs. Ussery and Ms. Luo for a pizza date at The Sicilian Pizzeria.

6.    Lunch with Mrs. Concannon
Come enjoy lunch with 1st grade teachers Mrs. Concannon and one of your friends.

7.    Pizza Lunch with Ms. Bowen
Join Ms. Bowen for a pizza lunch at the Sicilian Pizzeria!  You may invite a friend of your choice to join you.  Save room for dessert!  

8.    Pizza and Ice Cream With Ms. Marucci and Ms. Fought
Ms. Marucci and Ms. Fought will take you out to lunch for pizza and ice cream.  Bring a friend!

9.    Lunch With Ms. Capua
Join 1st grade teacher Ms. Capua in her classroom during lunchtime.

10.    Lunch and Dessert with Ms. Ancona and Ms. Valerio!
Join 2nd grade teachers, Ms. Ancona and Ms. Valerio, for lunch of your choice and dessert.  Bring a friend, too!

11.    Pizza lunch with Ms. Kelly and Friends
Join Ms. Kelly the art teacher for pizza with three friends on Prospect Park West!  

12.    Lunch with Ms. Ritchie and Ms. Goldberg
Join 4th grade teachers Ms. Goldberg and Ms. Ritchie for a fun and delicious lunch!

13.    Special for 4th and 5th Grade Bidders:  Learn to Knit with Ms. Rached!  
Get ready for winter – learn to knit with Ms. Rached.  You and a friend can receive 2-1/2 hour knitting lessons.  Supplies included!

14.    Ice Cream with Mrs. Greller
Take a trip to Ample Hills Creamery for an ice cream treat with 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Greller – and bring a friend along!

15.    Breakfast with Mrs. Milledge
Join Mrs. Milledge for breakfast in her 3rd grade classroom before school.  Invite a friend to join you!  

16.    After-School Mario Kart with Mr. Gioia
Spend an afternoon at PS 154 with theater arts instructor Mr. Gioia playing Mario Kart for the Wii U!  Mr. Gioia will provide all necessary controllers, console and game.  Winner may bring up to two friends to this experience!

17.     Ample Hills Ice Cream with Mr. Greller
Join 4th grade teacher Mr. Greller for Ample Hills Ice Cream!  You and a friend will eat, and eat, and eat superb ice cream with Mr. Greller.  *Napkins not provided.  

18.     After-school painting session at the Painted Pot with Ms. Hammond and Ms. Benson
After school painting session for you and a friend at the Painted Pot in Park Slope with Ms. Hammond and Ms. Benson! 
19.     Pizza with Mrs. D’Avino
Have pizza and a surprise dessert with kindergarten teacher Mrs. D’Avino and one of your friends at The Sicilian Pizzeria! 
20.    Lunch with Mrs. Weitzman!  
Enjoy your lunch and some conversation with 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Weitzman.  Bring a friend and have a seat on our special chairs! 

21.     Luncheon with Mrs. Theodokaris
Join 4th grade teacher Mrs. Theodokaris in Room 305 for a special lunch!  You may invite a few friends!  

22.    Lunch with Ms. Varriale
Enjoy a delicious lunch with 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Varriale!

23.    Pizza Lunch with Ms. Graham
Enjoy a pizza lunch with 2nd Grade Teacher, Ms. Graham, and a friend!

24.    Lunch with Ms. Diana and a friend! 
Come out for a pizza lunch and dessert with Mrs. Diana and a friend of your choice!  

25.    Ms. Chiu, you, and two friends! 
Enjoy a special lunch with two friends and Ms. Chiu!