Extended Day runs every full day of school 5 days a week, Monday-Friday — from September 5, 2019 through June 26, 2020. (NOTE: Kindergarten extended begins on the first full day of school for K kids which is September 6th.) After school is closed during school holidays and during weather-related school closure days. We have early dismissal (4pm) for curriculum night on September 17th and evening parent-teacher conferences in May 12th. On half days (e.g. for parent-teacher conference days on November 14th and March 5th) we offer special programming for an additional fee. See NYC Department of Education Calendar for school closures. See the After School calendar for specific early dismissal dates.




During After School your kindergartner will have fun building new friendships that often last the duration of their primary school years. As we transition from school to After School our daily schedule is planned to support your child’s confidence by creating opportunities for cooperation in both one-on-one and peer group situations through imaginative play and buddy activities. We promote the core values of teamwork and respect, and we provide your child continuous feedback and encouragement. Some of our activities include:
New partners or groupings every day, working with toys, puzzles, interactive games, storytelling, arts and crafts, focus on key concepts throughout different parts of the year such as “agreeing,” “including,” “combining,” “conversation,” etc.
We strive to communicate with parents through the progression of the school year and share play date information via cards indicating your child’s new After School buds.


2:15pm Children picked up by After School staff from classrooms
2:30-3:00 Snack and bathroom break
3:00-4:15 Outdoor play (Indoor if inclement weather)
4:15-4:30 Snack
4:30-6:00 Friendship fostering classroom activities
6:00 Pick up
6:30 Extended Day Late Pick Up (for registered children)

1st grade


The primary goal of the program is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where students are engaged in activities designed to encourage their social, emotional, cognitive and artistic development. The physical and emotional well being of each child is, and will always be our program’s top priority. 

First graders move together as a group and have their own first snack and outdoor recess time prior to homework help. We provide additional staff (including licensed teachers & assistant instructors) to meet the academic and emotional needs of our first grade group. 

Following homework help, 1st graders join our 2nd - 5th grade students for programmed and unprogrammed indoor/outdoor play until 6:00pm.


2:40pm Children dismissed by classroom teachers to cafeteria
2:40-3:00 Group snack & bathroom break
3:00 - 4:00 Indoor/Outdoor recess
4:00 - 5:00 Homework Help
5:00-6:00 Indoor/Outdoor free play & snack
6:00 Pick up
6:30  Extended Day Late Pick Up (for registered children)   

grades 2 - 5


The primary goal of the program is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where students are engaged in activities designed to encourage their social, emotional, cognitive and artistic development. The physical and emotional well being of each child is, and will always be our program’s top priority. The program is staffed by licensed teachers, assistant teachers and experienced enrichment instructors. 

We offer a short recess & snack, homework help grouped by grade, and programmed and unprogrammed indoor/outdoor play after 4:30.


2:40pm Children dismissed by classroom teachers to MMR
2:40-3:00 Snack & Indoor/Outdoor recess
3:00-4:30 Homework Help
4:30-6:00 Indoor/Outdoor free play & snack
6:00 Pick up
6:30  Extended Day Late Pick Up (for registered children)   


monthlyrates2019-20 2.png


  • Extended Day registration begins in the summer prior to the school year. Registration will continue throughout the school year on a space available basis.

  • You may register online via JackRabbit or get a registration form in the After School office.

  • Children can attend 1-5 days per week. You choose set days each week.

  • Your child's schedule carries over from month-to-month unless you change it. To change your extended day enrollment, please email Susan Dominguez at 154billing@gmail.com.

  • You can also do a 1 day drop in, space permitting. See pricing above. Please register online.


  • You will be billed monthly.

  • Bills are payable online by debit or credit card (sorry, no AmEx). You can also pay with a check made payable to: PTA of PS 154 Brooklyn. Please include your child’s full name on your check.

  • Extended Day families will receive a statement around the 15th of each month. The credit card we have on file for you will be charged a day or two after the statement is sent. If for any reason you would prefer to pay your own bill, please send Susan an email at 154billing@gmail.com.

  • Late payment may result in a $20 late payment fee. Non-payment may result in removal from club or extended day.

  • If you are experiencing temporary financial hardship and need to discuss payment options you may contact 154billing@gmail.com to discuss the options available to you.

  • Please contact 154billing@gmail.com with any questions regarding credit card payment policies.


We offer 6pm or 6:30pm pick up options (see price charts above). You are always welcome to pick up earlier than your designated time. If you choose 6pm, we allow a grace period until 6:15pm for occasional commuting delays. After 6:15pm, we charge $1/min. Pick-up after 6:30pm is subject to a late charge of $1/min. Please do not give cash directly to the staff members. If a scholarship family fails to pick up by 6:15pm more than twice, scholarship status may be revoked.

Late Pick-Up Policy

After School ends at 6:30 pm sharp. We understand delays and emergencies happen. Please provide 3 emergency contacts for your child in the event you are not able to make it for pick-up by 6:30 pm. If your child is with us after 6:30 pm we will make every effort to contact you. If we don’t hear from you or your authorized pick-up by 7:00 pm, we will arrange to take your child to the 72nd Police Precinct, located at 830 4th Avenue. The precinct will take appropriate follow-up action to contact the parent(s) or authorized pick-up.

If you are running late for pick up

Please call us! The After School phone number is 718.768.0057 x 5102. If you receive our voicemail, please leave a message. We check messages frequently throughout the day. 

Dismissal / Authorization

Dismissal is from the MMR. All students must be signed out by their parent or an adult authorized by their parent. If someone who is not authorized by a parent attempts to pick up a student, the student will not be released to that person until authorization has been obtained.


Children enrolled in an Enrichment Clubs on the same day as they attend extended day may receive a discount on the club fee.  See price charts above for maximum discount amounts.

For example:
5 days/week with Tennis + 3D Printing
$375/month extended day for grades 2 - 5
$200 (Tennis) + $220 (3D Printing) = $420 – $225 (maximum club discount) = $195 club fee
TOTAL $375/month extended day + $195 club fee for the 10-week session


We offer child care on school half-days. These days include field trips or activities on site at PS 154. 

  • $35/student per half-day

  • You must register for each half-day separately from your Extended Day registration

  • Available first to students who are already enrolled in Extended Day. If spaces do not fill, we will open registration to other families.


A limited number of financially based scholarships are available by grade to qualified applicants. To qualify for a scholarship please provide the following documents:
1. Your tax return transcript for the prior year form 4506-T or form 4506T-EZ which can be requested directly from the IRS at https://www.irs.gov/individuals/get-transcript  We will no longer accept personal copies of a filed 1040.
2. Proof that you have no legal guardian available for care between 2:40 – 6:00 pm. NOTE: All legal guardians must provide proof of employment showing no home care is available during after school hours.) For example, we may request a letter from your employer asking to confirm your hours. We may also ask for a recent pay stub.
Please note if you are eligible for free lunch and provide confirmation with a 1040 form but you are not working, you may consider enrolling your child into one of our enrichment clubs. 

What kind of care do scholarship students receive at no cost?
Extended day care on the day and during the hours legal guardians are working between 2:40 – 6:00 pm plus one enrichment club

My child’s teacher has recommended that my child receive After School homework help. Will we automatically receive a scholarship?
No. Unless your family also meets the scholarship criteria (free or reduced-fee lunch and no available legal guardian during after school hours), we are unable to offer your child free homework help.

How often are scholarships offered?
Families may apply for scholarship status anytime during the school year; however, the After School may not have spaces available at all times. Spaces are limited by availability.

Is scholarship status good for the entire school year?
No. Each 10-week session, the After School will confirm employment showing all legal guardians are unavailable for care during after school hours.

What if my situation changes?
Depending on availability, scholarships may be awarded throughout the year. If your family qualifies at any point, you may apply.
Conversely, if a legal guardian becomes available to provide care, we request that the family alerts the After School director that the child no longer requires care from our program.
The After School and family receiving the scholarship will come to an agreement of a fair grace period where the student may continue to receive either reduced extended day care or a free club for the duration of the school year.

How do I register for a scholarship?
To inquire about a scholarship please email, call (718.768.0057 x 5102), or meet in person with After School Director, Barbara McGouran. You will need to provide your 1040 for the prior year (2016) plus proof of employment. Once scholarship status is approved, you may register online for extended day care and/or one enrichment club and choose “Scholarship” in the payment tab.