Procedures 2018-2019


GRADES 1-5 / 8:20AM-2:40PM



Enter the school from the Sherman Street entrance. Each Kindergarten class sits at their assigned table. The Sherman Street door will open at 8:15am. Teachers will meet their students at their tables by 8:20am. The Sherman Street door closes at 8:25am. After that, all K students must enter through the main entrance.


7:40am   Free breakfast available in cafeteria

8:10am   Bell rings
Children should say goodbye to parents at the gate and meet their class in its designated spot:
1-2: Teachers will pick up students in the school yard.
3-5: MMR

8:18am   Grades 3-4 dismissed to classrooms; Grade 5 goes directly to their classrooms

8:20am   Students arriving after 8:20am will be marked late


  • No parents allowed in the school yard before school.

  • Main Entrance is open for all to enter starting at 7:40am. The main entrance should be the only door used as an exit except during dismissal from 2:35pm - 8:45pm when they are using the cafeteria door.


In the event of rain, all students will meet in the cafeteria. K-2 teachers will pick up in the cafeteria by 8:20am. Grades 3 – 5 students will go up the the MMR at 8:10am.  Dismissal remains the same rain or shine.


If you have questions or concerns you need to relay to your child’s teacher, please put a note in your child’s back pack, or visit or call the main office at 718-768-0057 to leave a message.  Arrival time can be hectic, and teachers need to focus on your children and getting to class to start the fun of learning.



2:35pm in the cafeteria. Parents/Caretakers wait by the Sherman Street door until all Kindergarten classes are seated, at which time school staff will open the door and parents/caretakers may go inside to pick up their children. Your child will then shake his or her teacher’s hand to let her know that they are leaving with an approved guardian. 
Please exit the cafeteria from the Windsor Street door or the back school yard door. If you need to come up to the classroom, please stop by the main entrance and then leave through the main entrance.


Grades 1 – 2 will be dismissed in the school yard.
Grade 3 will be dismissed through the front door and will line up in front of the school just to each side of the main entrance.
Grade 4 will be dismissed through the front door and will line up in front of the school on the Sherman Street corner.  
Grade 5 will be dismissed through the front door and will line up in front of the school on the Windsor Place corner.


If parents/guardians are delayed in picking up, their children will be taken to the main office to wait for them.


In the event of rain, please do not huddle near the doors.  You must wait for your children to come to their line spots along the fence and give the teachers space to exit the building.

Early Pick Up

If for any reason you must pick up your child early, you should inform the classroom teacher in advance. Only a parent/ or designated adult listed on the Blue Emergency Card (over 18 years of age) may pick up a child early. The adult picking up the child must bring a photo ID. Please sign yourself in with the school safety officer in the school lobby and go to the main office. Your child will be called to the office or a staff member will get your child from the classroom. Please sign your child out in the book in the main office.


A student’s absence and lateness record is part of his/her permanent record, which follows the child throughout his or her public school career.

The school day begins at 8:20 AM.  In most circumstances, students arriving to the classroom after 8:20 will receive a late pass to give to their teachers.  If a child does not have a late pass, teachers may send him/her back downstairs to get a late pass from the front desk.  In cases of chronic lateness, parents will be notified.

Regular attendance is critical for student success. The school may contact your home to verify absence. Excessive lateness and absenteeism will be discussed with the teacher and principal.  Chancellor’s Regulation, A210 states that all children MUST have a 90% attendance average or better to meet one of the promotional criteria.

A child returning to school after an absence must bring a note from a parent/guardian or a physician. If your child has been absent with a contagious disease (chicken pox, strep throat, scarlet fever, etc), the school must be notified. Parents are asked to wait until the student is fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-controlling medication before sending the student back to school.


Lice are a fact of life in an elementary school. They are neither a health hazard nor a sanitary problem, but an unpleasant reality for school age children. The goal of PS 154’s Lice Policy is to minimize the spread of lice, and the disruption to the school day for the children. It is also to provide support and educational resources to parents/guardians.

If a child is found with lice or nits in school, the school nurse will call the parents/guardians. The NYC DOE has a ‘no lice’ policy, requiring children with lice be dismissed from school. For children with nits, parents/guardians may choose to pickup their children early for treatment.

If lice are found, the other children in the class will also be screened.

In either case, where lice or nits are found, parents/guardians of other children in the class and grade will be notified so that they may be vigilant in monitoring their own children. Information on screening and treatment will also be available.

If a parent/guardian finds lice or nits at home, we ask that they notify the school, so that we may take the same steps as above (screening the class and notifying parents). This is critical to minimize the spread of lice.

When a child who has had lice returns to school, they will be screened to ensure they are lice free.

Resources on Lice for Parents

The NYC DOE policy on head lice, and information in many languages
Document on Lice Treatment created by a parent in: English  OR Spanish 
The Nuvo method of removing head lice
The National Pediculosis Association website
The Center for Disease Control official site
Pictures of head lice

Illness & The School Nurse

Under no circumstances should a child with a fever be brought to school. Please be considerate of other families; do not take your child to school if he or she might pass something on to the whole class. The School Nurse will see students who become ill at school. Parents will be notified if necessary and, in case of a minor accident at school, the nurse will provide a brief note regarding any treatment that was provided. Students who have medication to be used at school must have a Form 504 on file at school. This form can be obtained from our school nurse and must be completed by your child’s doctor. ALL medications a student needs must have a 504 form including both perscription and over the counter meds. The School Nurse is the only person who can administer medication. If there is a problem, the parent will be asked to follow up with a doctor.


All children newly admitted to a New York City school are required by law to have a complete physical exam and all required immunizations. See the NYC DOE Office of School Health Medical Requirements for New School Entries for details.

Vision & Hearing Screening

Children in grades PK, K, 1, 3 and 5 will have vision screenings free of charge in the school. Parents will be notified of the results only if further testing is indicated.

The Office of School Health has discontinued hearing screening in elementary schools.
See the NYC DOE Office of School Health Vision and Hearing Screening for more details.



Free breakfast is available for all students from 7:40 a.m. to 8:10 a.m.


Kindergarten & 3rd Grade: 11:05 a.m. – 11:55 p.m.
Grades 1 & 2: 12:00 p.m. – 12:50 p.m.
Grades 4 & 5: 12:55 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.

Lunch is free for all students!

Weather permitting, the children go into the schoolyard for recess and supervised play before or after they eat.  In inclement weather, students stay in the lunchroom and draw, color, and/or talk quietly. They may also have the chance to read quietly in the MMR.

Please see more information regarding our Lunch Volunteer Program here.


Your child will be told which day of the week his/her class has physical education (gym class). On this day, children should be dressed appropriately in sneakers and stretchy clothes that allow movement.

School Trips

Class trips are an important part of a well-rounded education and New York City certainly provides a lot to see and do. Here’s how you can help make class trips more successful:

  • Return permission slips and fees promptly to help teachers plan. A child will not be allowed to go on a trip without a permission slip.

  • Volunteer to escort your child’s class trip. Remember that when you join the trip you are there not just for your own child, but to assist all the students and the teacher. Avoid taking your child to the gift shop and buying something for him/her and not for everyone else. Parents will be notified in advance about the trip, costs, and whether parent chaperones are needed.

Toys and Other Personal Possessions

PS 154 policy prohibits bringing in toys from home. They are a distraction to the children in the classroom, cause issues with sharing and may be broken or lost during the school day.

This policy also applies to silly bands, tech decks, trading cards, iPods, video games and other expensive and/or breakable items. We want your children’s treasured items stay that way – and keeping them at home is the best way to insure this.

Cell phones must be turned off and kept out of sight or will be confiscated.  Students may bring cell phones to school, but the phones should be turned off and stowed in a safe place or in a book bag. Phones should not be used by students during the school day. If phones go off during the day, the teacher may choose to give the student a warning or take the phone from the student to hold for the end of the day or to give to the parent.

Please also be aware that permanent markers should not be brought to school.


For the safety and security of our children, staff and everyone in our community all visitors – including parents – must sign in at the front desk when entering the building. Visitors are required to provide photo identification and will receive a visitor’s pass. For those visitors going to a classroom, or to meet with a staff member, they will first go to the main office. The office will call and confirm that the person they are visiting is available, and then give visitors going to the 2nd or 3rd floors a laminated, color coded pass for that floor. This colored pass will be returned to the office when visitors leave. Visitors going to meetings in the MMR can go directly to the MMR after signing in at the front desk.

Lost & Found

A box for found items is located in the multi-media room.

Please use an indelible marker to write your child’s name (First & Last) on all outer clothing, lunchboxes and book bags. This will enable us to return lost articles. The amount of clothing “lost” is staggering. Please check the Lost and Found as anything unclaimed for extended periods will be donated to charity.  We donate to charity after every Family Friday.

Dress Code

Clothing should not create a classroom distraction or cause undue attention to individual students.

Some of our school-wide policies:
Flip-Flops should not be worn for gym class or recess
No Clothing with inappropriate language or graphics
No Shirts with bare shoulders or spaghetti straps
No bathing suits or underclothing as outer clothing and all undergarments should be covered up
No shirts that bare midriffs
No hats – baseball, fedora, knit or otherwise

If a teacher feels that a student is wearing something inappropriate, a conversation could be had with the student or the parent, along with our school guidance counselor or social worker.

Photo Release

PS 154 asks parents to return the photo release form in the Fall granting permission for their child’s picture to be published in print or electronic format. Please note that students’ names will never be used on the website.