PS 154 Garden


The Garden at PS 154 has become a focal point of our school community. It is a great source for learning, exploring, and yes, food! Each Grade has a garden bed, and keeps the same bed from Kindergarten through Fifth grade. The Garden Committee is a group of parent volunteers who work with their teacher and other garden parents in their grade, to schedule time to take students to the garden. Garden parents do not need to be avid gardeners, simply planting a seed or a trip to the garden to see what’s growing, is enough to stir curiosity and enable students to consider nature, as well as food and where it comes from.

Being a Garden Parent does not require a lot of time and is a great way to be involved in your school’s community. The garden committee meets in the Spring and Fall about once a month after drop-off to organize planting days and harvest tasting events, which are amazing!