ASSISTANT Principal / Michael buckley


Classroom Teachers


K-101 / Karen D’avino


K-110 Regina Witkowski

Class Email 
Ms. Witkowski, better known as “Ms.W”,  has been teaching at PS 154 for last 15 years. She has taught kindergarten and first grade here at 154.  Ms. Sheehan and Ms. Witkowski have been teaching Kindergarten ICT side by side for the last 3 years.  Ms. W’s favorite feeling is when something “just clicks” and a child beams as they learn to read independently. She enjoys reading aloud to the class, road trips, cooking, arts and crafts, and spending time with her family.

K-201 / Maria Diana


K-210 / Fran Bowen


1-202 / Dawn Capua


1-203 / Mandy Ancona


1-205 (ICT) / Erika Hammond & Rosemary sheehan  

Ms. Hammond is a Park Slope native, and loves teaching close to the schools she attended as a young girl. When she’s not at PS154, Ms. Hammond likes to ride her bike, read a novel, or catch up on her Netflix queue. Ms. Hammond enjoys sports, traveling and spending time outdoors.

1-208 / Stefanie Concannon


2-204 / Rosemary Graham

2-206 (ict) / Laura Varriale & Gina Valerio 





3-301 / Marnie David  

Marnie David has been happily teaching at PS 154 since 2004.  Teaching is in Mrs. David’s blood–she comesfrom 3 generations of passionate teachers and administrators. Mrs. David received her Bachelor’sdegree from Binghamton University where she graduated Cum Laude. She spent a semester studying abroad in London, England, working at a small publishing house.   She then went on to Hofstra University where she received her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. Mrs. David has taught Kindergarten in a general education setting as well as in an ICT setting, and spent 2 years as the Science cluster teacher. She loves being a teacher!

3-303 / Emily Chiu

Emily Chiu has been teaching since September 1994 in the New York City public schools system and has been a part of the PS 154 staff since September 2001. Ms. Chiu has taught third, fourth, and fifth graders. She has a Bachelors in Elementary Education and a Masters of Science in Elementary Mathematics Education. You can best contact her with a note in her office mailbox or a note passed on by your child.

3-304 / Miranda Milledge

Miranda Milledge has been a classroom teacher of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders for over 15 years. Before joining the PS 154 team, she taught at PS 116 in Manhattan and also in North Carolina and Virginia. She has been happily teaching students at PS 154 since 2007.  Miranda can be best reached through notes in backpacks or phone messages.  She looks forward to working with this year’s group of 3rd graders! 

3-305 (ICT) / Christina Luo & Claire Ussery

Mrs. Ussery's Email  / Class Email
Mrs. Ussery is excited to be teaching second grade again. Her passion for fitness comes through every day as she encourages her students to move to improve! You can often find her in the park riding around on her bike or watching her sons play sports.


4-109 / Stella Theodorakis

Mrs. Stella Theodorakis is proud to be part of the P.S.154 community for the past 26 years. Her educational background includes a B.S.in Clinical Medical Technology a M.S.in Education and a P.D.in Supervision and Administration. Mrs.Theodorakis has held the following positions: Clinical Laboratory Technologist at St. Claire’s Medical Center. Teaching experience at P.S.154 includes the following: Science Cluster Teacher, Dist15 Math/Science staff developer, Magnet Program Facilitator and Classroom Teacher grades 3-9. Besides teaching she loves spending time with family and friends in Long Island the Caribbean and the Greek Islands.

4-308 (ICT) / Dayna Goldberg & Pam Ritchie

Class Email
Dayna Goldberg became a teacher through the New York City Teaching Fellows in the program’s first year, 2000. She has taught 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades in both NYC and Chicago. A graduate of both Ithaca College and Brooklyn College, Ms. Goldberg has been working at PS 154 since 2005. She can best be reached through the class email, a phone call through the office or a note.

Pam Ritchie has been teaching full-time at P.S. 154 since 2011. A native of Buffalo, N.Y. (Go Bills!), she is a graduate of Brooklyn College where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education, and a Master’s Degree in Students with Disabilities. When not in the classroom, you can usually find Ms. Ritchie hanging out with her family or walking her dog in Prospect Park. The best way to contact her is through the class email.

4-310 / Mark Greller



5-302 / Leila Rached

Ms. Rached loves being a part of the PS 154 family. A native of Washington DC, she has been teaching in NYC schools since 2003. Ms. Rached holds a BS in Elementary Education from Wayne State University, and a MA in Peace Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Ms. Rached has taught both upper and lower elementary grades, and is currently the fifth grade math teacher. When not teaching, Ms. Rached enjoys knitting, sewing, being outside, and spending time with her family. The best way to contact her is via email.

5-306 / Kandace Greller

Kandace Greller is a second generation teacher and is proud to say she loves her job! She began her teaching career in California in 2000 and then moved to NYC in 2004, where she found her dream school, PS 154. Mrs. Greller especially loves doing social studies projects and read alouds with her students, as well as the 5th grade ballroom dancing program. During her free time, Mrs. Greller likes to cook, go on walks, dance, and play with her family.

5-307 (ICT) / Melinda Fought & Marissa Marucci

Ms. Fought's Email
Hi, P.S. 154 Families! My name is Melinda Fought and I am the Fifth Grade Writing and Social Studies teacher. This is my 13th year as a New York City teacher, as well as my 9th year at P.S. 154. I am currently a member of both the School Leadership Team and the Policy Consultation Committee. I live in Windsor Terrace with my husband, Federico, and our two dogs, Nacho and Mike.

Cluster Teachers

Science / Eva Giamboi

Computer / Steven DoTran


Physical Education / Joanne Moore

I received a double Bachelor Degree Major in Education/English Language Arts from Hunter College. I aquired my Masters Degree in Literacy from Hunter College thereafter. I began my teaching journey in 1998 in a Greek Parochial School and was offered a job in PS 154 in 1999. I soon went on child care leave. After ten years and three kids, I decided to return to my passion which is teaching! Throughout the ten years on child care I found that I could not keep away from teaching and substituted whenever I was called. I believe every child has a personal level of success and I find great fulfillment in helping each child achieve that. I have a passion for reading and enjoy writing and have continued to write poetry for many years. Sometimes I find that many of us are better at expressing our thoughts when written. At least then you can edit. Words spoken are etched in stone. In addition, I also live a very active lifestyle with my family. We enjoy sports, a simple ride on the boardwalk to skiing in Vermont on the slopes of Okemo Mountain!!

Art / Kelly Normand

Kelly Normand (Ms. Kelly) is happy to be a part of the 154 community. She received her undergraduate degree in fine arts from the Cooper Union and her master’s degree in art education from Pratt Institute.

Theater ARTS / Rob Gioia

Rob Gioia is the Theater Arts teacher at PS 154. He holds an MA in Educational Theatre from New York University, and a BFA in Acting from Marymount Manhattan College. Rob also works as a theater director and playwright for both TYA and grown-up productions. He loves Shakespeare, video games, and his dog Chip. He’s also getting married soon, unless he already has. I’m not sure when this bio was last updated.

Music / Christine Gabel



Guidance / TBA

Speech / Jennifer Morris

(Room 200)

O.T. / Toby Spitz


ESL / Maryann Lawton

IEP / SETTS Teacher / Irene Vazquez

Psychologist / Sharon Budd

(M,W,F) SBST (100)

Social Worker / Margie Dotter

(M,T,TH) SBST (100)


Clerical Worker / Linda Glover

(Th) SBST (104)

Secretary / Marge Cammallere

Community Ass’t / Fran Ancona

Parent Coordinator / Debby Wattenbarger

I’m thrilled to give back to this wonderful PS 154 community we live in.  My own two children had a great start in learning and being nurtured by the caring staff and teachers here.  As parent coordinator, I use my organizational and recruiting skills gained as a Recruiter for an accounting firm to help foster communication, provide information, and support parents, teachers and staff at PS154.  I love working together as a family & community to provide excellent educational opportunities to all our children.


Christine Ladeveze, Roseann Guiliano, Marlegni Polanco-Lopez, Debbie Cusato, Conny Bruus, Kelly McAdams, Keyri Parada, Kelly Pearn, Arielle Martinez, Nazha Montezuma, Gizela Simicija, Barbra Bauman, Doaa Henin, Tahra Haneen


Barbara Guzzi, Kenneth Sandiford, Tina Hill, Sean Holder

Family Worker / Maritza Millet

Custodian / TBA

Fireman / Hector Pena

Fireman / Jack Internicola

SSA / Dwayne White

Nurse / TBA

Kitchen /Jennifer Acevedo & Abdul Aziz

PTA President / Nicole Brier Email

PTA After School Program Director / Barbara McGouran Email

School Crossing Guards
Susan Riley, Veronica Riley